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Bedford Borough Council

2017 / Dec / 06 Posted at A Line Taxis

Bedford Borough Council History

The history of Bedford Borough Council starts from April 1st, 1974 Onwards. It came into being as local authority severing as governing body of the Borough of Bedford, in Bedfordshire, UK.

The initial purpose of instituting a council was to enhance the political system in Bedford and in surrounding areas. In addition, the mayor of Bedford, who is appointed directly through the voting medium is also the person-in-executive of the Bedford Borough Council.

The election process begins with a 2-3-year gap and new bodies are elected to govern the council. Cllr Sarah-Jayne Holland was the first official council elected for Bedford Borough.

Borough of Bedford

Bedford is a fascinating unitary area in Borough of Bedford, Bedfordshire that has received the borough status.

Bedford Borough governs one of the largest urban area in the UK neighbouring Kempston in adjacent and other rural areas. Interestingly, 75% of the Borough’s population choose to live in Bedford’s urban area because the people are attached to the classic tradition of living and regardless of technological advancements, the people conquer the modern fields in their own way.

Borough of Bedford Formation

The borough of Bedford along with its district was founded on April 1st, 1974. It resulted from the amalgamation of Bedford Rural District and Kempston Urban District. Later that year, it received the royal charter grant that gave it the borough status under the name of North Bedfordshire.

However, the name was changed to Borough of Bedford in 1992 due to the significance of Bedford. Several local communities were formed to conduct architectural changes and modification in the area for people’s betterment. Further, Bedford of Borough, due to its contribution and efforts, received the honour of being a unitary authority in 2009.

Bedford Borough Council

After becoming a Unitary authority, Bedford Borough Council expanded responsibilities in education, transportation, social services, and local communities to benefit the locals.

Bedford Borough Council planning also includes the reconstruction of buildings by lowering the Bedford Borough Council tax. Further amenities include:

  • Bedford Borough Council School Jobs – For teachers and eligible students
  • Bedford Borough Council Jobs – for people wants to work for the council
  • Bedford Borough Councillors – members of the council
  • Bedford Borough Council Parking – for those visiting and working at the council
  • Bedford Borough Council Address – Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street, Bedford, UK
  • Bedford Borough Council Postcode - MK42 9AP
  • Bedford Borough Council Number - +44 1234 267422
  • Bedford Borough Council Opening Times – 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM from Monday to Thursday, 8 AM to 5 PM on Friday and CLOSED on Saturday and Sunday

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