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Frequently asked questions

How can I request your services?

You can either reach us via phone by dialling 01234 330 044 or you can visit our website at to pre-book your rides with us at any time anywhere.

What do you offer in a ride?

From cheap fares to comfortable baby seats, we offer plentiful taxi services such as airport transfer, private car hire, Chauffeur with car hire for private and public events, and pick and drop. Our cars are equipped with the latest technology including GPS and flight monitoring.

In what areas you provide services?

We offer our services in Bedford and its surrounding areas, especially Luton. We are also expanding our region of operation around major cities of the UK.

Are your services available 24 hours?

Yes, we provide 24 hours with a day taxi service because necessities for travel are often not predicted. We make sure to serve customers in every possible situation.

How would the driver find me upon my arrival at the airport?

Once requested, our driver will first track your flight to attend your arrival on time. Further, he will be standing outside the arrival with a board having your name on it and a great smile that you will need to cheer up.

What benefits would I get if I choose to travel with you again?

We update our website and App for daily deals and discounts. Passengers who wish to travel frequently are offered exclusive discount and premium account deals.

What security do you provide for luggage?

If using a taxi to reach the destination, we normally request passengers to check and ensure the car before getting off to avoid missing luggage. However, if they forget to do so, our honest drivers will first contact the customer support to contact you instantly and relate to you about your missing luggage. Or if you fail to respond to calls then we will take back the found luggage in the car to the office and will protect it until you're informed about it.

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