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Terms & Conditions

1. Disclaimer & Ambit

This document shall serve legally as a representation of terms and conditions of A Line Taxis Bedford. It shall consist contractual provisions under the supervision of Law in England. The company holds absolute privileges of the document's material, context, and nature. A Line Taxis Bedford is registered under the name of "A Line Taxis Bedford" at 27 Tavistock Ct, Bedford, MK40 2RB, United Kingdom having only one official website

2. Acceptance & Declaration

Upon reaching A Line Taxis Bedford through an official medium, you are too, hereby accept policies, terms and conditions provided by A Line Taxis Bedford. Each record from the time of access to official website or oral communication is of confidential and significant.

3. Definitions

3.1 Words such as 'the company' 'us', 'we' 'our' specifically indicates to A Line Taxis Bedford

3.2 Words such as 'you, your, customer, client, users, passengers, people, they their' refers to individuals of different nature who wishes to use, interact, communicate with A Line Taxis Bedford

3.3 Words such as 'products, services, offers, deals, packages' refer to transportation facility and related that is provided by A Line Taxis Bedford upon apt application appeal.

4.4 Words such as 'Vehicles, Car, transport' refers to type of transportation owned and used for taxi services by the A Line Taxis Bedford

3.5 Words such as 'pre-book, online booking, prior booking, before booking' refers to utilization of services offered by A Line Taxis Bedford

3.6 Words such as 'fare, cost, price, cost-effective, cheap, low-priced, low-rides, low fares lowest rides' reflects about pricings of services provided by A Line Taxis Bedford

3.7 Words such as 'driver, representative, customer support' refers to professional employees of A Line Taxis Bedford

4. Authorization of Use, Liability & Responsibility

4.1 A Line Taxis Bedford holds authorization rights for usage of content and material of both: electronic and physical nature. This legal document followed by the privacy policy and disclaimer of rights is owned and produced by A Line Taxis Bedford, under the rules and regulations of DMCA and DPA 1998.

4.2 Users and third parties who wish to use services and products of the company shall first provide compliance free of violation and intentional amendments

4.3 The company is responsible to act fairly and responsively to any matter, issue, or problem raised in regards to the execution of services from company's end.

4.4 The company is only responsible for services offered on its official website and legal documents. Therefore, compliance from users shall encompass and highlight our enlisted services only

5. Booking

5.1 Individuals who wish to use services of the company can request through a call at 1234 330 044 or via online booking system. Users can also communicate with assistance and help by reaching out 24/7 customer support

5.2 The company will only entertain online booking made from the official website [website] or by visiting office [conditions applied]. Other than mentioned, the company will not respond, book or pre-book any ride whatsoever.

5.3 The company holds absolute privileges to cancel/dispute/disband/terminate any bookings at any time based on fair solid reason.

6. Pricing & Payment Methods

6.1 The official website of the company can display various offers to different locations, each depending upon distance. Each varies in prices conditions applied

6.2 There is absolutely no hidden charges and extra costs to anything.

6.3 Pricing specifically encompasses VAT, unless otherwise stated. However, change or modification in journey or booked ride from user's end will apply additional cost

6.4 Users can make payments by using Credit Card, Debit Card, or Cash.

6.5 Users are also given rights to either ask for due change or request it to be added to their account which will be deducted in the next ride.

6.6 There are additional charges if the user holds the driver waiting for a time limit of ten minutes (10).

7. Inclusion of Liability

7.1 A Line Taxis Bedford is not liable to respond to any claims of losses of any sort, that is beyond comprehension

7.2 In case of missing luggage, we first will ask you to check your belongings before getting off our transport for insurance. Further, if passengers forget to check, then the company will keep the found luggage with safety and security until users receive it.

7.3 The company holds legal right to take action against individuals who plan to violate rules, regulations, privacy policy, terms and conditions.

7.4 Above all: the company can terminate any individual's account, membership, bookings, pre-bookings, and hires at any time if found posing any danger, risk, harm to the company, its name, property, employees and everything that the company owns

8. Cancellations, Disputes, & Refunds

8.1 Individuals who wish to request a cancellation to pre-bookings, bookings prior to vehicle dispatch can follow the customer support to do so.

8.2 Once the taxi dispatches for the ride, users will have to pay for miles covered by the vehicle if cancelled.

8.3 Fines and late charges are absolutely based on time and distance travelled by our vehicle.

8.4 Users are encouraged to provide us with feedbacks and reviews of any nature to help us improve the company image and execution of services

8.5 The company put forth this legal document under and in accordance with the British Law, DMCA, and DPA 1998. The company will respond to any court and jurisdiction in total regard to claims and disputes made to or against the company.

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