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Bedford Castle

2018 / Jan / 24 Posted at A Line Taxis

Bedford Castle Mound

The history of Bedford Castle started in the 11th century when King Henry I built it to have a castle that could overlook the surrounding (to defend) from enemies.

Initially, Bedford Castle Mound consisted of a mote shaped castle with an inner bailey. Henry-I also admired the overlook of the River Great Ouse, for which the soldiers had to demolish some part of the motte for expansion.

However, Bedford Castle Mound existed from the Anglo-Saxons’ time, probably around the 8th AD. According to historians and online sources, Normans were first ones to come in line to institute Bedford Castle which later was dominated by Saxon Settlement upon invasion. Further, King Stephen beleaguered the Bedford Castle in 1137 and then King Henry III besieged the Bedford Castle in 1224.

Bedford Castle Facts

Did you know?

For the construction of Bedford Castle, numerous small streets were destroyed in order to create room for the Castle as it is in the midst of Bedford

Bedford Castle – The Royal Significance

Bedford Mound Castle has attracted numerous royal family members and has intrigued countless leaders across Great Britain. Historians suggest that Bedford Castle was present before even Normans and Anglo-Saxons.

It is possible to believe that the Bedford Castle Mound was housed already by natives who used it either for hunting or other purposes. Royal members such as King Stephen, King Henry I, King Henry III, Miles de Beauchamp, Falkes de Breauté, King John, William de Beauchamp, and many more.

Bedford Castle – Wars & Battles

Bedford Castle has also witnessed several historical battles and participated in wars. Some of the renowned battles were:

  • 1137 – King Stephen besieged the Castle (English Civil War 1139)
  • 1146-53, several attacks on Bedford town
  • 1155 – Miles de Beauchamp’s war
  • 1224 – King Henry III beleaguered the Castle
  • 1643 – English Civil War

Getting to and from Bedford Castle

People who are interested to visit the historical witness of royal battles can utilize the following means of public transport to get to Bedford Castle.

Travel to Bedford Castle by Train – Jump into any train that has train stops at Bedford St Johns Train Station MK42 9BT, Bedford Train Station MK40 1DS and from there Bedford Castle should be minutes away

Travel to Bedford Castle by Bus/Coach – Board any bus that has stops at following bus stations: St Paul’s Square Bus Station (Stop P1, P2, P3, P4) MK40 1SL and from there Bedford Castle is few blocks away

Travel to Bedford Castle by Taxi – Amongst the best means to reach the Bedford Castle is by taxi. You can request taxi to Bedford Castle from anywhere in Bedfordshire with Taxis Bedford Private Hire at astonishingly reasonable prices.

Contact Details of Bedford Castle

  • Bedford Castle Address – Newnham Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK
  • Bedford Castle Postcode – MK40 3NX
  • Bedford Castle Number – Not Available
  • Bedford Castle Visiting Times – Open 24 Hours a Day