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Bedford College

2017 / Nov / 22 Posted at A Line Taxis

History of Bedford College

Officially opened in 1959 as College – Bedford College, Bedford was an educational centre from the 19th century. Bedford College is a veteran institute who also contributed to the second world war by serving army camp and training centre.

During 1882, Bedford College was a renowned centre under the name of Bedford Training College for Teachers, but the training college was moved for amalgamation with the University of Bedfordshire and other educational institutes present at that time.

The area where Bedford College stands today was further used by few education offices until 1959 when Bedford College, Bedford took responsibility for spreading literacy around Bedford.

Bedford College Progress and Developments

Throughout time, Bedford College has undergone several architectural and curriculum changes to bring improvement. So far, Bedford College and the managing authorities have successfully.

Not to be confused with Bedford College, London as these are two different colleges with different origins at a different time and different cities.

Bedford College, Bedford became the second prominent institute for higher education after the University of Bedfordshire. Faculty at Bedford College is filled with education-giants of major fields.

Timeline of Bedford College

Embracing the history of education – Bedford College has produced thousands of professional students who later conquered the world with their expertise. Let’s take a quick look at the timeline of Bedford College starting from its origin:

  • 1882 – Bedford Training College for Teachers
  • 1939-45 – Bedford training college served as army base and training centre for PTSD
  • 1959 – The college was named Mander College of Further Education, named after Sir Frederick Mander, who at that time was the Chairperson of Bedfordshire County Council
  • 1976 – Mander College combines with another teacher training institute to form one institute by the name of Bedford College of Higher Education
  • 1992 – Separation between Further Education Colleges and Local education authorities. It was renamed as Bedford College
  • 1994 – Bedford College served as one of the campuses for De Montfort University in Bedford
  • 2008 – Bedford College announced an affiliation with Harpur Trust for sponsorship
  • 2009 – Bedford College received Beacon Status Award by Department for Businesses, Innovation and Skills
  • 2009 – In August, Bedford College joined Shuttlesworth College to serve as one
  • 2012 – Bedford College bought an area of where Bedford High School was present
  • 2014 – Bedford College bought Trinity Church, SPA (Sports and Performing Arts)

Bedford College, Bedford

Today Bedford College is flourishing with success and have introduced several new courses including Art, Media, and Design Skills, Floristry, Travel & Tourism, Engineering, Computing, and Motor Vehicles. Bedford College also offers the following:

  • Bedford College Moodle – an Online learning management software
  • Bedford College Jobs – to pupil and teachers
  • Bedford College Courses – unique and improved courses every semester
  • Bedford College Open Day – Witness what Bedford College has to offer
  • Bedford College Apprenticeships – for pupil and assistant teachers to become professional

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