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Bedford Corn Exchange

2018 / Feb / 28 Posted at A Line Taxis

Bedford Corn Exchange History

The history of Bedford Corn Exchange started from April 15th, 1874 onwards when its construction, which began in 1872, was completed.

Initially, Bedford Corn Exchange designed to be a venue for concert and musicals but a small space for meetings was also added to garnish the interior looks of it. Bedford Corn Exchange indeed came out to the prominent business place for locals. The Total cost of Bedford Corn Exchanges’ construction was around £9,000.

According to online sources, facts suggest that Bedford Corn Exchange was replaced with ‘Floral Hall’ on St Paul’s Square MK40 1SL (market square) which was built and opened on May 1st, 1949-50.

Facts About Bedford Corn Exchange

Did you know?

During WWII, The BBC Symphony Orchestra used the Bedford Corn Exchange venue to broadcast music to keep the entertainment alive (1941-1945)

Corn Exchange in Bedford

As the name suggests, Corn Exchange Bedford was named after its prior use, that was related to farmers.

The building was a selling place for farmers to display their items for sale. A single stall in Bedford Corn Exchange would cost 3 guineas per year and £2 (12s a year) if the stand was on the market square.

With the passage of time, the number of farmers coming to sell increased and large space was needed for stalls.

Therefore, Ladds and Powell were given an architectural task to design the best and most remarkable building (Bedford Corn Exchange), the foundation stone of the Bedford Corn Exchange was laid on October 21st, 1872 and Duke of Bedford led the opening inauguration of the Bedford Corn Exchange on April 15th, 1874.

Corn Exchange, Castle, Bedford

Today, Bedford Corn Exchange has become one of the prominent venues for entertainment, the venue witnesses more than 800 unique and enchanting events per year where people from across the UK come to attend, including Royal Family members and celebrities.

Getting to and from Bedford Corn Exchange

People who wish to visit the marvellous place can use the following Bedford transport to get to Bedford Corn Exchange:

Travel to Bedford Corn Exchange by Train – Bedford Train Station MK40 1DS and Bedford St Johns Train Station MK42 9BT are a few minutes away from Bedford Corn Exchange

Travel to Bedford Corn Exchange by Bus/Coach – drop-off at St Paul’s Square (Stop P2, P4, P3) MK40 1SL or St Paul’s Square (Stop P1) MK40 1PF that are few blocks away from the Corn Exchange, Bedford.

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Contact Details of Bedford Exchange

  • Bedford Corn Exchange Address – 13 St Paul’s Square, Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK
  • Bedford Corn Exchange Postcode – MK40 1SL
  • Bedford Corn Exchange Phone Number – +44 1234 718044
  • Bedford Corn Exchange Opening Hours – 10 AM to 4P PM from Monday to Saturday (1 PM), closed on Sunday