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Bedford Hospital

2018 / Nov / 29 Posted at A Line Taxis

Bedford Hospital History

According to online sources, Bedford Hospital founded in 1897 but according to their official website, the history of Bedford Hospital started from August 1903 when it was officially inaugurated with the help of Samuel Whitbread-I, sole-benefactor of the hospital.

Sadly, Mr Whitbread could not see its opening as the money he left after his death in 1796 (£8000) was used for Bedford Hospital in compliance with his will. Mr Whitbread clearly stated in his will that £4000 will be spent on hospital’s building while the other half amount will be spent on Hospital services.

However, Bedford Hospital still needed funding for the Bedford Hospital’s construction and clinical employment. Therefore, renowned people embarked the planning committee including Duke of Bedford, Samuel Whitbread-II, and Lord John Russell.

Bedford Hospital Facilities

Bedford Hospital stands in the midst of Bedfordshire which allows 270,000 people surrounding to get prompt medical assistance. The hospital has been listed amongst top 40 hospitals in the UK. Statistics show that there have been 37, 245 (2012) operations performed, 68,168 patient attendances, currently have 440 beds, 2000 medical OD staff.

There are several healthcare centres from North to South Bedfordshire but due to latest medical equipment and proper good treatment, locals always choose Bedford Hospital. Its purpose remains the same for 200 years “Providing Quality Patient Care and Medical assistance”. If you happened to visit the hospital you’d realise why Bedford Hospital is the number one medical centre in Bedford because of they priories patients above everything.

A House of Care

Bedford Hospital is a veteran medical facility which also served in both world wars. Bedford Hospital healed the wounded troops and provided on-field medical assistance to soldiers fighting on the battlefield. Today, Bedford Hospital is flourishing by facilitating patients with the best healthcare in Bedfordshire.

Currently, there are two medical wings; North and South Wing. The Bedford Hospital North wing is called the Bedford Health Village, situated 2-miles from the main wing, it provides medical assistance of occupational therapy, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy. The Bedford Hospital South Wing is the main site which serves patients for Accident and Emergency, operation theatres, pathology, oncology, X-rays department, inpatient Bedford Hospital wards, and other related medical services. Further, it offers:

  • Bedford Hospital Jobs – offer employment to hundreds bi-annually
  • Bedford Hospital Parking – Spacious car park area
  • Bedford Hospital Visiting Hours – opens 24-hours a day
  • Bedford Hospital Address - Kempston Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK
  • Bedford Hospital Postcode - MK42 9DJ
  • Bedford Hospital Opening Times - 24 - hours always open
  • Bedford Hospital Number - +44 1234 355122

Taxi to Bedford Hospital

You can travel to Bedford Hospital South wing from Bedford Station, Ashburnham road only in £5 with Bedford Taxis.