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Bromham Mill and Gallery

2018 / Jan / 14 Posted at A Line Taxis

Bromham Mill History

According to the online sources and Bedford Borough Council, Bromham Mill was built in the late 18th century serving primarily for milling and grinding. Bromham Mill has also been enlisted amongst one of the of first mills in the UK to use milling and water turbine techniques to draw electricity.

Today, Bromham Mill and Gallery has become a prominent place for tourists and locals to witness antique milling tools, machinery and enjoy eventful weekends by booking the venue.

Bromham Water Mill

In the 19th century, Bromham Watermill underwent constructional modifications, the mill replaced the weak wood-stone side with medieval building-bearing stones placed in 1858. If you visit the Watermill today, you could see the marvellous multi-phase combination of stones, brick, and timber Bromham Mill became the most anticipating water-powered corn mill (watermill) in the entire Bedfordshire, the UK unlike anyone has ever seen.

In the 20th century (the 1930s), Bromham Mill again underwent archaeological changes, it was rebuilt with stones, bricks, and timber to give back its original look.

In 1978, Bedfordshire County Council acquired the legal ownership rights of the Bromham Watermill, Bromham and listed it grade-II building.

Where is Bromham Mill located?

Bromham Mill and Gallery is situated near West end of Bromham Bridge that is one mile from Bedford, marked from Bedford A428 to Northampton road.

Bromham Mill – Water & Electricity Advancement

Bromham Mill used water power techniques to distribute water and produce electricity to run mill’s machinery. In 1930’s revamp project, the old engines were replaced with Petter Oil Engine, after this, the water power was occasionally used in Bromham Mill.

In 1935, the water levels of the Great Ouse River were lowered which put an indefinite halt on use of waterwheels.

Bromham Mill Facts

Did you know?

Bromham Mill had two mills under one roof, the cast-iron internal waterwheel (restored mill) which was manufactured by Kempton’s Ben Anstee in 1908, the second was a three-pairs-millstones mill

Bromham Mill and Gallery

Bromham Mill and Gallery can be hired for events such as birthdays, celebrations, meetings, dinners, exhibitions, parties and weddings.

How can I hire Bromham Mill?

You can request Bromham Mill hire by calling at (01234) 824330 or by visiting the mill. Following are the rates of hiring.

Type of Hire Price Calculation Cost
Hall Hire (Mon-Fri 7AM-5PM) for 50 People Per Hour (2 hrs min) £26
Hall Hire (Mon-Fri 7AM-5PM Weekends) for 50 People Per Hour (2 hrs min) £41
Hire of the Meadow 1 Day Rate £824
Event Set Up and Break Down Days 1 Day Rate £206

Contact Details of Bromham Mill and Gallery

  • Bromham Mill and Gallery Address – Bromham Bridge West End, Bromham, Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK
  • Bromham Mill and Gallery Postcode – MK43 8LP
  • Bromham Mill and Gallery Phone Number – +44 1234 824330
  • Bromham Mill and Gallery Opening Hours – 10 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Sunday

Taxi to Bromham Mill and Gallery

You can travel to Bromham Watermill in a taxi with Bedford Taxi Service from anywhere in Bedfordshire at a reasonable price.