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Church of St Mary the Virgin, Bedford

2018 / Feb / 14 Posted at A Line Taxis

St Mary the Virgin Church, Goldington – History

Located in Bedford, St Mary’s Church in Goldington is one of the prominent worshipping places for Christians around the UK. According to the online sources, the history of St Mary’s Church Bedford was written during the 12th century when it first came into linguistic notice.

St Mary’s Church Bedfordshire was built in 1166 as ‘Goldington Church’. Simon de Beauchamp, Lord of Bedford gave the Goldington church to Newnham Priory (small monastery governed by priors) in the same year.

Also, the historians who write Goldington’s pious history, strongly confirm that the St Mary the Virgin Church Bedford existed before 1559 deep-rooted by the parish registers.

Bedfordshire Parish Churches – St Mary's Church

Church of St Mary the Virgin is amongst the finest Bedfordshire parish churches with captivating history and sacred contributions. Archaeologically, St Mary’s Church Bedford consists of two portions:

  • 15th-century village (much older part of the church)
  • 20th-century nave and sanctuary (much larger part of the church)

St Mary the Virgin Church has also undergone several constructional changes over the years as hundreds and thousands of devotees visit every month.

If you visit the St Mary Church Goldington today, you will witness some parts of the old portion of the church (transparent arch in the south).

St Mary the Virgin Church – Historical Timeline

Below are some of the dates/years/events that highlight historical survival of one of the oldest churches in the UK.

  • 1166 – Built as Goldington Church, Simon gave rights to Newnham Priory
  • 1228 – Bishop of Lincoln presented the First Vicar
  • 1400s – Church was rebuilt
  • 1541 – cessation (disbanding) of Newnham priory took place
  • 1559 – Parish registers regarding the St Mary’s church were found
  • 1700s – Memorials of renowned families were added to the Church
  • 1837 – Diocese of Ely (Church in Ely) received transferring of Goldington
  • 1914 – Diocese of St Albans (Church in St Albans) received transferring of Goldington
  • 1939-45 – Chapel of Remembrance was created
  • 1954 – Portion of the St Mary’s Church was demolished and rebuilt

Facts About St Mary’s Church Bedford

Did you know?

According to Historians, Church of St Mary the Virgin, Goldington was built on a place where early Christians (100 years after Jesus’s crucifixion) utilized for prayers

Getting to and from St Mary’s Church, Goldington

By using the following public transport, people can visit the St Mary’s Church, Goldington, Bedfordshire easily.

Travel to St Mary’s Church Goldington by Train – Book tickets of any train that has stops at Bedford St Johns Train Station MK42 9BT, Bedford Train Station MK40 1DS, and Kempston Hardwick Train Station MK43 9NS

Travel to St Mary’s Church Goldington by Bus/Coach – use the following bus stops to reach the Church: Goldington Green Bus Station Mk41 0AA, Brookfield Road Bus Station MK41 9LA, MK41 9LB, The Boundary Bus Station Mk41 9HZ, Portland Close Bus Station MK41 9ND

Travel to St Mary’s Church Goldington by Taxi – Amongst the best, safe, and affordable ways to travel around Bedford is by taxis. You can book a taxi to St Mary’s Church Goldington from Bedford Taxis & Transfers at reasonable prices.

Contact Details of St Mary’s Church Goldington

  • St Mary’s Church Goldington Address – Church Lane, Goldington, Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK
  • St Mary’s Church Goldington Postcode – MK41 0AP (use MK41 0HN for GPS)
  • St Mary’s Church Goldington Contact Number – +44 1234 328823
  • St Mary’s Church Goldington Opening Times – 9 AM to 5 PM (not confirmed)