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Houghton House

2018 / Dec / 27 Posted at A Line Taxis

Houghton House History

Apart from ruined mansion house that we see today at Houghton Conquest, the history of Houghton House began in the early 17th century when it was first occupied Dowager Countess of Pembroke.

Houghton House is Grade-I listed building and has charmed with quite intriguing and fascinating countryside brickworks and also had remarkable interior craftsmanship.

There’s no evidence online and offline that supports the existence of Houghton House prior to its construction in 1615 except that it was granted by King James I who may or may not had the possession of the mansion.

Houghton House today is open for public access and entry to the awe-inspiring 17th-century marvel is absolutely free.

What is the cost of a taxi to Houghton House?

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Notable Residents of Houghton House

From the 17th century to 20th century, Houghton House has facilitated a number of noteworthy people in the UK history, each conducted archaeological modification up to their convenience and satisfaction. Below is a historical timeline along with decedents and residents who lived at the Houghton House.

Houghton House During 17th Century – at first, King James-I of England granted the Houghton House to Mary Herbert, who was a writer, literary patron and translator. Some historians say that she built the Houghton House and King James-I only granted the land for it. However, John Thorpe and Inigo Jones have recorded architects who gave the mansion the Jacobean tradition look during 1615s construction.

After the death of Mary Herbert, Houghton House’s acquisition was legally reverted back to King James-I who later in 1624, granted the entrancing estate to 1st Earl of Elgin, Thomas Bruce. The Bruce family stayed with relish at the Houghton House and also received Houghton Park to preserve game events (royal hunt).

Houghton House During 18th Century – After the exile of 3rd Earl of Elgin, Thomas Bruce in 1696, the mansion remained vacant with loyal questions related to deposed King James-II of England. In 1738, Houghton House was sold to 4th Duke of Bedford John Russell who was a renowned British Statesman. Francis Russell, and 5th Duke of Bedford are amongst residents of Houghton House in the 18th century.

Houghton House Facts

Did you know?

Houghton House was once an eminent hunting lodge somewhere in the 17th century and it is also one of the most Haunted places in the UK

How can I get to Houghton House?

People interested to visit the Houghton House can utilise the following public transport:

Getting to and from Houghton House

Travel to Houghton House by Train – ride in any train that has stops in following stations Millbrook Train Station MK45 2JH, Stewartby Train Station MK43 9LZ, and Lidlington Train Station MK43 0RU

Travel to Houghton House by Bus/Coach – following bus stops are minutes away from Houghton House. Hazelwood Lane Bus Station MK45 2HA and MK45 2HE, Lockheed Martin Bus Station MK45 2HD, and Millbrook Turn Bus Station MK45 3JL

Travel to Houghton House by Taxi – one of the simplest, safest, and most affordable ways to reach the Houghton House is by taxi. Book your taxi to Houghton House any time from anywhere in Bedford with Taxis Bedford Car Hire.

What are the contact details of Houghton House?

Below are essential contact details for Houghton House:

  • Houghton House Address – near Hazelwood Ln B430, Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK
  • Houghton House Postcode – MK45 2EZ
  • Houghton House Phone Number – +44 370 333 1181
  • Houghton House Opening Times – 10 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Sunday