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John Bunyan Museum, Bedford

2018 / Mar / 17 Posted at A Line Taxis

John Bunyan Museum History

Established in 1998, John Bunyan Museum and Library is a biographical museum that displays lifetime work of John Bunyan. The history of John Bunyan Museum is pretty much affiliated with an entire life of John.

A type of lesser festival is celebrated to revive the religious legacy of John Bunyan on 30th of August every year. So, if you’re in town for fun or vacation, make sure to stay for festivals as it surely will increase social history.

John Bunyan – Historical Glimpse

John Bunyan was born in the parish of Elstow in 1628, although his date of birth is still a mystery, John was baptised on November 30th, 1628. John belonged to a renowned Bunyan family and was bred near Bedford. His life took a religious turn when, while playing, heard a voice from somewhere. Since that day, John changed the entire course of life and started serving the God by learning, teaching, and preaching.

However, the Bunyan’s beliefs are slightly amended, people from around the UK come to the John Bunyan Museum and pay their utmost gratitude to him. John embarked ships of success as a renowned Puritan preacher and English writer.

John received religious freedom after the famous ‘Bunyan Meeting Free Church’ but later in the years was he was imprisoned for the very same reasons.

John Bunyan Museum & Library

After the release from imprisonment, John Bunyan was more involved in preaching. Today, hundreds of people visit the John Bunyan Museum in a day for religious inspiration, exquisite writings, and much more. You can witness the entire life of John Bunyan in pictures.

The John Bunyan Museum also has a section that displays personal belongings of him such as wooden flute, Bunyan’s iron violin, a stoneware jug and 3rd edition of The Pilgrim’s Progress (written by John Bunyan).

Getting to and from John Bunyan Museum Library

John Bunyan Museum is situated in the midst of Mill Street and Castle road in Bedford, UK. following are the list of public transport which can use to get to the John Bunyan Museum.

Travel to John Bunyan Museum by Train – The nearest train stations in Bedford to John Bunyan Museum are: Bedford St Johns Train Station MK42 9BT, Bedford Train Station MK40 1DS

Travel to John Bunyan Museum by Bus/Coach – use the following bus stations are drop-off locations as they are a few minutes away from the museum. Cecil Higgins Gallery MK40 3NX, Rothsay Road MK30 3PJ, St Paul’s Square (Stop P3 P4 P2) MK40 1SL

Travel to John Bunyan Museum by Taxi – The safest way to travel in Bedford is by taxi and you can book an instant taxi to John Bunyan Museum 24/7 by Bedford Taxis & Private Hire at quite reasonable prices.

Contact Details of John Bunyan Museum

  • John Bunyan Museum Address – Mill Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK
  • John Bunyan Museum Postcode – MK40 3EU
  • John Bunyan Museum Contact Number – +44 1234 270303
  • John Bunyan Museum Opening Hours – 11 AM to 4 PM from Tuesday to Saturday, closed on Sunday and Monday