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Willington Dovecote and Stables

2018 / Jan / 10 Posted at A Line Taxis

Willington Dovecote and Stables History

According to the online British Libraries, the history of Willington Dovecote and Stables began in the 16th century, probably between 1539-1540 (another online source mentions 1541 as completion year).

At first, Sir John Gostwick, who was the Master of Horse for Thomas, Cardinal Wolsey constructed an average Tudor-themed dovecote.

John was most admired for his passion and ambitious thoughts, the purpose of building such dovecote was to house 1500 nesting boxes for pigeons. In fact, the adjoining stable and cote block that we see today are made of the same stone, brought all the way from Newham Priory.

National Trust – Willington Dovecote and Stables Near Bedford

Presently, Willington Dovecote and Stables Bedford are run and owned by the National Trust. The National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or National beauty is an 1895 organization that holds the responsibility to preserve admirable beautiful historic sites, places, buildings, items etc to benefit today.

One of the best things about National Trust is that the admission to such remarkable sites is absolutely free in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Historical Timeline of Willington Dovecote and Stables

Willington Dovecote and Stables have survived five centuries and if you visit the stable today, you’d be astonished to witness the unchanged stone walls. Here’s a quick look at Willington Dovecote and Stables’ history:

  • 1539 – 1540 – Timber of the stables were erected
  • 1541 – Sir John was named Treasurer General by Henry VIII and visited Willington
  • 1541 – Willington Dovecote was complete under Sir John’s Commission
  • 1543 – The dovecote was built
  • 1731 – Duchess of Marlborough bought Sir John’s Manor
  • 1774 – Duchess of Marlborough sold the manor to Duke of Bedford
  • 19th Century – Endangering decay hit buildings but were saved by Bedfordshire Architectural and Archaeological Society
  • 1914 – National Trust acquired ownership rights of the Dovecote
  • 1947 – National Trust acquired ownership rights of the Stables

Things to See and Do at Willington Dovecote and Stables

Walking Trail – Apart from boosting history and learning about Sir John’s contribution, visitors can also go for a walk at Willington Woodland and Willows Walk near Bedford, Bedfordshire. .

It is situated quite near to the Bedford River Valley Park, adjacent to the Great Ouse, two exquisite lakes, and the trail goes along the old railway line

What are the Contact Details of Willington Dovecote and Stables?

Below are the essential contact details for Willington Dovecote and Stables:

  • Willington Dovecote and Stables Address – Church End, Willington, Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK
  • Willington Dovecote and Stables Postcode – MK44 3PX
  • Willington Dovecote and Stables Phone Number – +44 1284 747500
  • Willington Dovecote and Stables Opening Times: Open 24 Hours a Day from Monday to Sunday

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