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Privacy Policy

1. Legal Warning & Object

All rights to and of A Line Taxis Bedford, including website, domain, content services, products, and offers are the property of the company. This document shall serve as an objection, if not accepting terms and conditions included in this notice. It can also be presented upon necessity as a legal warning thereof.

A Line Taxis Bedford is registered at 27 Tavistock Ct, Bedford, MK40 2RB, United Kingdom to mentioned copyright name. We wish to inform our users, visiting our official registered website about the privacy policy of different matters. It is significantly for the benefit of both: A Line Taxis Bedford and users to create a better understanding about each. It will also provide users to voluntarily and freely use our services.

2. Conditions of Use

In lieu of A Line Taxis Bedford 'customer-oriented nature, users are subject to the principles of legality, good faith, and Public Order. It encompasses two sections: entering of data and content available from the company. For first, the user will be held responsible to question the accuracy of data he/she provides. Lateral the company is responsible for content provided on its website, legal documents, brochures and advertisements.

It is strictly prohibited and against the law to reproduce, rewrite, modify, distribute, or copy any content under of which the company holds privileges of, until and unless provided with permission.

A Line Taxis Bedford is using social platform for the sole purpose of promotion, marketing, and to bring forth transportation facility. Therefore, apart from the aforementioned type of content, the company will not be responsible for the future violence.

Users must read privacy policies, terms and conditions carefully before accepting any statement or clauses from the company. If there is an electronic breach to user's data from the third party then users will first report the incident to us. The company will thoroughly and legally study the case before concluding the judgement.

3. Use of Information

A Line Taxis Bedford holds absolute privileges to request users for a particular type of data for various purposes. Such information will and must be used for customer benefit, company sustainability, improvement and prosperity at both ends. The company can request two types of situational data: Physical data: that may contain fill out forms, legal documents, and company regulations. Electronic data: that will encompass the company's website, domain, and every content found on its official website only. Following are the nature of data and information:

  • Personal Information such as Full Name, Father/wife/husband/guardian's name
  • Contact Information such as Phone number, email address
  • Legal Information such as Identity Card or Passport conditions applied
  • Electronic information such as IP Address, browser, country, city, time of access. It comes with Cookies, to which users hold absolute privilege to discard if they find it uncomfortable or unnecessary
  • Payment Information such as Bank details, account number
  • History of information in case of dispute, refund, purchase, or claim of any such from the company's website portal
  • The company can use user's email address to send latest news, information, and updates regarding A Line Taxis Bedford. The user can unsubscribe to such notifications at his time of ease.
  • Registration Information may be required while registering to us through our official website or fill-out registration form

4. Purpose of Information

The fundamental purpose of collecting and gathering above-mentioned information is only to bring forth betterment and improvement for users. It will, at the same time, allow the company to modify and bring changes according to what is required the most. The company will also gather information for customer history that is entirely confidential to only and only the company. The company will not release any information of its users whatsoever to third-parties unless and until contacted through the legal medium.

Keeping electronic intrusion and cyber invasion in front, A Line Taxis Bedford shall not be held responsible for any malicious activity performed under your name at anywhere on the internet. We protect user data with 100% confidentiality and security and we seek no gain by using such user information. Therefore, outside our legal boundaries, the user is responsible for himself.

5. Use of Cookies

Cookies are an application which allows company holding domains to monitor traffic. It is widely used to gather demographics for user analytics. A Line Taxis Bedford uses default cookies that gather information such as IP address, browser name, Location, time and date. However, the user can reject cookies by simply disabling it from browser setting at the user end.

A Line Taxis Bedford uses Google Analytics tool for monitoring purpose only. Due to its fast and reliability of data, we wish to inform our users that it is absolutely safe and cannot be used against user information.

6. General

It is user's responsibility to enter correct, accurate and up-to-date information. Content on is subject to change and timely modification which will be announced and updated for user's benefit. It is mandatory to mention confidentiality of user information again that every user is responsible for information he/she provides to us. We shall not respond to third-parties for such matters without legal approach.

Severe Legal actions will be taken against those who fail to comply with the company's privacy policy document, terms and conditions.

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