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Baby Seat

Plan more trips to enjoy family time with safest taxi rides for your children

We offer a free effective baby seat service

Children are an important part of our lives. In fact, they’re everything to us. At A Line Taxis Bedford, we provide children especially infants and toddlers with special care.

We offer free-of-cost baby seats so that families can easily accommodate their children who are in need of it. We also provide a comfort zone for parents about their children so that they could enjoy the travelling without worrying about anyone in the family.

Your Children’s safety is our responsibility

Your Children's safety is our responsibility

The physical attributes of children are prone to even the slightest pinch. Especially during travelling, roads can be bumpy and fatiguing for them.

Therefore, we first ensure that infants are seated on our provided baby seat and are comfortable on it. Most children are not habitual of sitting on baby seats, but not to worry as we have a solution for everything. We will cater such situations with mannerism and professionalism.

It’s Absolutely Free

Parents or couples who are planning to travel with us along with children must inform us prior while pre-booking. So that we can arrange and provide you with a baby seat.

You can always contact us at +44 1234 330044 or via online 24/7 customer support. Our representatives will guide and assist you in every possible manner because we won’t let you spoil your travel restlessly and worriedly.

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